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What strategies work for you?

There is a lot of information out in the community, on the web and also in the workplace on stress and how to manage it.

However the first step to managing stress is, knowing what stress is for you?

What can be very resourceful is to identify when you are stressed, how you are feeling and you could also rate this for example on a scale of 1 to 10.

Take the time to notice how your breathing is and if it is shallow, then you could take a few deep breaths and then see how you are feeling. Just breathing differently can make a difference.

I personally think one of the biggest mistakes we make is assuming how someone should be feeling or react to any given situation based on how we would be feeling or react.

Take for example 2 people going through Divorce, how one person reacts may be very different to the other person. The stages of emotions that may be experienced will vary from person to person, or the time in which it takes for life to feel relatively normal again, if at all.

In the workplace how two people respond to work demands, deadlines and managing people will vary. Is it getting to work on time, or is it your work load, or it could be work colleagues that increase your stress levels. What we need to realise is that it is not something or someone that causes us stress it is how we perceive a situation or react to what is happening around us that creates the feeling inside.`

When a crisis happens in the world such as the Floods in Queensland, the earthquake in Christchurch or the Tsunami in Japan, this is a situation that can effect people differently, if you have family there or feel very emotional about the tragedy and lives lost you may feel stressed by this situation, however if for example you don’t have any family there and have no emotional attachment to the situation then you may not have any reaction just a feeling of empathy or sadness. Please remember people feelings and reactions are their own and not right or wrong just their feelings.

Do you really know which strategies works for you? Have you ever been told how to manage stress, use the techniques and still no results?

This may be due to the fact that you have not discovered what works for you!

Is it
• Exercise
• Healthy eating
• No alcohol
• Mediation
• Deep breathing techniques

These are some of the tips that can be used in isolation or even combine a number of them or all of them. So what do you do when you have tried them all and nothing seems to work?

Well just like isolating what foods/preservatives don’t agree with you, you have to try some different techniques and measure what is getting a result, even a small result should be measured and when you get good results you need to keep doing that but also try other techniques to increase the outcome. Never give up.

Step 1. Identify how you are feeling (Angry, Sad, hurt, scared, uncertain)
Step 2. Ask yourself what specifically about this situation is making me feel this way?
Step 3. Can I change the situation? Become resourceful….
Step 4. Can I change the way I perceive the situation/ is it as bad as it seems
Step 5. What strategies work that I can use right now
Step 6. Take action

Remember not to fool yourself by saying nothing works. I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone say nothing works and when you ask the question they may have tried one technique once and given up.

If you want to know more about managing stress feel free to contact us for some more information or book a session on Managing Stress with resourceful outcomes.

Till next time

Donna Moulds

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Author: Malcolm Wybrow (Wybrow and Associates)

I read John Phillip’s blog about the airbag for computer risk management and I thought straight away about the similarity of personal insurance cover for individuals. We all know that we are bullet-proof but as an old mate of mine says who pays you if you don’t turn up for work.

The quick answer is that most of us who work for someone have sick leave because someone else has arranged it as a pretty much standard feature of employment. This however is rarely enough for employees little less those who work for themselves as small business operators or contractors. For the self employed if you get sick or injured and have trouble working you simply don’t get paid and just as bad you could lose your business or contract that you’ve slaved to create

I had a rice farmer in Coleambally who rang me wanting to cancel his income protection cover because he found with the rice industry virtually stalled his income was down and he felt he couldn’t afford it. A realistic view especially when he told me that since he had purchased the policy he had never claimed a cent despite having on separate occasions broken a leg and then his right arm. He simply soldiered on despite the discomfort and his wife used to help him onto the tractor and/or the truck as required.


I used all my powers of logic to persuade him to retain his insurance especially as he was more likely to need it as he got older. Decisions are rarely made on crystal clear logic and emotion always comes in to play. I asked him to think hard and long about the repercussions of claiming and chance would have it he procrastinated for 6 weeks about cancelling it and then had a major heart attack. 

The policy paid up as it was designed to and he was able to recuperate properly. AS a temporary invalid he felt emasculated as the frail breadwinner and confided he had considered suicide but just for a second. He’s now back into the saddle and well on the road to recovery thanks to a little financial help from a policy taken out 20 years before.


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