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What books, magazines or articles are you reading?

 As an avid book reader myself I am always on the lookout for new books that I am inspired by. I have read many and have built up a fairly good library over the years. I also love to loan out the books to others who may not want to build up a library but want to read a good book.

 A good friend of mine asked “Who will you leave your library to when you go to the next life ?” To be honest I had not thought about that till then, but it is actually a substantial collection. Including a very old edition of the, “Laws of Success” by Napoleon Hill and a signed copy of Jim Rohn “Seasons of Life”. Books that I am very proud to have in my collection.

Note to self, add library to the will………

Anyway…… I have always loved to hear stories about what someone is reading and why they love it so much or what did it bring to their life. One of my previous Trainees read 7 Habits of highly effective teenagers. The feedback from her was amazing and I know that the book impacted changes in her life in very positive way. She read this at work in the quiet times, and as a team leader I think this is a very productive use of down time.

 I would love to know the answer to some question from all you Canberra Small Business blog supporters.

What are you reading?

Or what have read recently?

What has it brought to your life?

What has it taught you or inspired you to do?

I have read many books, but some of the most powerful books that have been very impactful are the Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz, The Success Principles, Jack Canfield, Excuses Begone, Dr Wayne Dyer, The seasons of life, Jim Rohn and Heal your body, Louise Hay

The success Principles has a great free coaching program that has some tools to get you started for FREE. https://www.canfieldcoaching.com/

Books have inspired me to learn from my many business and personal mistakes and given me insight to find alternative solutions. They have given me drive and inspiration to keep going and also to motivate others. I will forever read and obtain ideas on how I can continue my growth.

 I once heard a saying that has stuck with me for years now, “If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you have always got” Anon

 Please leave your comments answering the question;

 What are you reading?

Or what have read recently?

What has it brought to your life?

What has it taught you or inspired you to do?

Till next time……… Donna Moulds

Mantra Training & Development – Training with Innovation, Flexibility and Support.


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Brian Miller, Creative Director, Luxgraphicus Design Agency

Brian Miller, Creative Director, Luxgraphicus Design Agency

I’m a do it yourself type of person.

I like to have a go at lots of things, and don’t mind learning and experimenting with projects as a hobby. Most of these projects aren’t critical however, and most are just that, hobbies.

Sometimes I really apply myself and work on a project with a discipline and a degree of learned skill. In these cases I can do a good job, as good as the professional might do. It takes longer of course, but it costs less!

And sometimes this project fits in with my business operations. It means I can control my expenses as a small business owner by not having to pay the full costs of hiring a professional, and I still get a result which is good enough to drive the success of my business. I need to have the time available of course, and weigh up the benefits of missing out on time I could have spent on something I am an expert in. But in small business, sometimes, these compromises can mean the difference between getting the job done, or not doing it at all.

So how do you decide what to do, and what to leave for the professionals? Early on in your business development, you may find yourself with a longer list of tasks to handle in-house. Then as the business grows, the list can be reduced as you  manage towards success.

Think about the tasks that you actually do have a degree of skill, expertise, experience and knowledge in, and those that you honestly don’t! Some reality check may be appropriate here. A business coach or mentor might help. And think about the time it will take you to do a really good job. Could this time be better spent?

What do you value as a small business person? Getting things right first time. Satisfaction in doing a good job yourself. The bottom line on your business accounts. Your spare time. Doing what you think others think you should do?

We all need to make these value judgements. In small business you will make many of them, and it’s often a case of balancing what works for you when it comes to what to do for yourself. After all, that is one of the main reasons to start a business, to do it for yourself.

Brian Miller
Creative Director
Luxgraphicus Design Agency

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Author, Donna Moulds www.mantratraining.edu.au

When we are children we dream about becoming a superhero, or travelling the world, or in my case a hairdresser, untill I had no dolls with hair. As adults…do you think we forget to dream? Dreams are what give us hope and passion, they can drive us to do something that logic would tell us can not be done!

If you have a teenager who is yet to decide what they want to try before they grow up, here is an inspirational story they may want to read………

Chris Warren came to Mantra Training & Development in September 2009 for work experience, which is something that Mantra Training & Development have been part of with various schools and industry bodies for about 3 years now. Taking young adults from a school environment and putting them in a real work environment, that is not only supportive it is also empowering and teaches self motivation. This has also been a wonderful opportunity for the team at Mantra Training & Development.

We have a number of businesses that provide support and mentoring for our team including those involved our work experience program.
One of the Mentors that Chris has had an opportunity to work with and learn from has been john Phillips. He has played a very supportive role with both of Chris’s qualifications.

As the CEO and also a Trainer/Assessor, Chris instantly caught my eye with his “go get it” type attitude to technology and websites. At the time I thought I had a good website and was pretty proud of the fact that I could update it. Now……. don’t get me wrong we had to rein him in on a number of occasions as he wants to do things today without looking at the security or other access and usability implications. In fact I remember him launching our new website way to early and he didn’t take a back up. But we had a plan B and more importantly Chris was able to learn the importance of planning and being patient.

Once we launched the new website early in 2010 I realised how primitive my old site was. Not even 12 months later Chris has created yet a better website allowing for growth and advances in technology and has learned a greater degree of skills in many areas allowing for a much better product. He has also learned how to work better with people not just technology and has grown into a wonderful young man with some great skills that have now seen him accepted into a Bachelor of Software Engineering.

Chris has completed a Certificate III in Information Technology and will have completed his Certificate IV in Information Technology (Web design) by December 2010 and this will then take him into the University by February 2011.

In August this year Chris was also invited to the Google office in Sydney where he was able to contribute some of his skills and learn what it would be like to work with such an elite group of IT experts. He was blown away by the experience and I also think it ignited his motivation and drive to really go for what he wanted in a career path as well as was he is truly passionate about.

Here is what Chris had to say:

From College to University

At the end of college I always knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how I would go about doing it this involved having a Gap Year and then going to University to complete my Bachelors of Software Engineering then I discovered Mantra Training & Development, after initially completing work experience I was offered a
job by the CEO Donna, to Continue working on the Mantra Training & Development website and be part of the team.

An entire year later, the experiences I have had, the people I’ve met, the skills I’ve gained, and the qualifications I have achieved are amazing to say the least. To put this into perspective I never anticipated what I have achieved in such a short time. It truly has been a incredible year and a great start to both my personal and professional life. I now look forward to an exciting future as I know anything is possible.

And now through gaining my Qualifications under an Australian Apprenticeship with Mantra Training & Development as my RTO and Employer, I created the pathway and had the
support to enter University, my new Journey will begin in February 2011.

I will continue working with Mantra Training & Development and assist them in growing their organisation into one of the best RTO’s in the ACT, and help Mantra generate more pathways and opportunities for it’s students, staff, and trainees.

I would like to give special thanks to two people, Donna & John. You have parted with some tremendous skills that I will use for through out University and the rest of my life. Thank you….

Now this is a great message about keeping dreams alive.

Donna Moulds

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John Phillips

John Phillips

Author: John Phillips

I recently read this great quote posted by a Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/johnjphillips) friend: “be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still”.  The quote is an old Chinese proverb, but remains as relevant today as it would have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago.

A large tree originates as a small seed.  Taking energy and nutrients from the sun and soil, it germinates and gradually develops into a massive plant.  The whole process can take several decades, but the growth of the tree is consistent.  Occasionally it will be set back by a storm, or damaged by falling branches from the plants around it, but it will continue to repair itself and grow larger.  When the tree stops growing, it starts dying.

In business, there are many opportunities for growth.  We can grow through education, both formal and informal, reading books and networking with like-minded individuals.  Sometimes growth is slow, it might take longer than we’d like to learn a new skill, or to build a customer base, but the most important thing is that we continue to grow.  Remember, trees never stand still, they are either growing or dying.  What’s your plan for growth for the next year?

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