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 Robert Shelton


This is an excerpt from the Everalls DFK March Newsletter.  To read the full newsletter article on ‘Surviving the Recession’ go to the Everalls DFK website.


 There are many things that won’t (or shouldn’t!) survive this recession…

1. Twitter. If you don’t know what this is, ask a teenager!

2. “Vapourware” companies. No plan, no idea, no funding, no hope.

3. Land line home phones!

4. Privacy. It’s being voluntarily surrendered to YouTube,Facebook, MySpace and others. The government won’t have to take it away – it has been given over.

5. Low regulation for business. The price that will be paid forgovernment bail-outs will be increased scrutiny. It has already started.

What do you think?

Rob Shelton is Managing Director of Canberra’s largest locally-owned CPA firm – Everalls DFK.  Everalls DFK has been in business for over 40 years and offers wisdom to grow your business and wealth.

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