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Karen and Chris Tazreiter

Karen and Chris Tazreiter

 Authors: Chris & Karen Tazreiterwww.becoached.com.au )

Much has been written about the topic of Prosperity Consciousness, yet it is probably one of the least understood concepts in the area of business, personal growth and human development.

The concept that money is not real, that it is nothing more than an extension of our thoughts and our belief system, somehow sounds too much like science fiction, or that stuff we associate with Shirley McLean. Yet why do some people reach the state of mega millionaire with relative ease, loose it all by a twist of fate, only to get all back again in no time; while on the other hand, many people struggle their whole life to make ends meet, living from one pay cheque to the next……..Is it luck, is it IQ, or is it something far more simple, yet complex at the same time.

Most things in life are paradoxical, and the concept of Prosperity Consciousness is no different. For someone who “Gets It”, who has truly understood the concept, it is like “Yeah So…What’s the Big Deal”. Yet for the rest of the world, it is easier to say that such principles are just a load of hocus pocus, a load of baloney dreamt up by “Positive People”.

We all receive the same 168 hours each week, and we all trade our time for something. We have long ago outgrown the system of bartering, where we used to trade the fruits of our labor for things we need. Instead we now use money.

“Money is an Idea” Some people trade their time for $20, $30 or $40 per hour, working 40, 50, 60 hours per week.  Other people trade their time for hundreds and thousands of dollars per hour. Some people have an idea to replicate their own efforts many times over, and create a business that makes money while they have fun and while they sleep.

Money is not real. It has an unlimited supply, and is only restricted by the beliefs each person has about money.

Just the reaction to reading this article will be vastly different from person to person, reflecting the beliefs they have taken on board throughout their life about money and wealth creation.

As our world moves into a new phase of the capitalist economic cycle, where fear is replacing other emotions that reigned supreme in the past, each person’s beliefs about money and what is happening in the world, will direct their journey through that phase.

There will be just as many opportunities to prosper and do well, but will you be able to see them, or will fear and the pressure of public opinion win out. Never before has the use of a personal and business coach been more relevant than in these changing times.

“be COACHED” is an Australian business providing worldwide Life, Family, Couples and Business coaching. Founders and head coaches, Chris & Karen Tazreiter are available in person by appointment, or by phone or internet for coaching services.
Working on the principle that our personal life and our business life are and always will be directly linked, a focus on one without the other usually leads to imbalance, stress and much unhappiness.
“be COACHED” provides a complete coaching program for your whole life. Chris and Karen are parents to a blended family of 11 children, live on a rural property and run a successful business helping other people find true peace and happiness in their life.

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