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Andrew Newnham

Andrew Newnham

By Andrew Newnham (Fruition Data)

We have all seen the devastation caused by the bushfires in Victoria earlier this month. Apart from the tragic loss of life and property, a countless number of businesses have also been destroyed.

Some people will find that rebuilding their businesses will be an easier process than others. As a general rule those who have used computer systems to store their business data, and then also backed up this data off site will fair much better than businesses who have relied on paper records alone.

A disaster which can destroy paper records doesn’t need to be on the same scale as the Victorian bushfires, smaller events such as roof leaks can easily destroy your paper records, and thus your business.

Whilst you may need to use paper records to operate your business, there are things you can do to protect the business information should you ever be unfortunate enough to be involved in a disaster.

  • Install a database system designed to record your paper records in electronic format, at a minimum all paper records created during the day should be recorded into the system prior to close of business that night.
  • Back up this system to an off site location and ideally this location should be located no where near your business or home, there are services which operate over the internet which can back your data up to remote sites so if something happens to your office, your data is still protected.

and most importantly

  • Make sure you use the system. It’s amazing how many businesses will install such systems and then forget to enter the records into them.

Of course if you can do away with paper records and only use the database system all the better as it removes the double handling of the information. It also means that recording the information into the computer system will never be forgotten.

Hopefully you will never be unlucky enough to be involved in a major disaster, such as a major bushfire or flood. However by ensuring your business’s data is protected and ensuring you have disaster recovery plans in place you will be in a much better position to rebuild your business if the worst should happen.

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