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Author: Brian Miller (Luxgraphicus)

Before Luxgraphicus, but after the Public Service, I spent several years photographing and producing video for a certain adventure tourism operator.

Riding my bicycle the 20km to work in the rainforest north of Cairns, I showered under a cold hose and put on the uniform of shorts and t-shirt. Climbing the 176 steps up the 44 metre high tower, I set up the remote cameras and with my safety harness secured to the railing made still and moving images for sale in the kiosk below.

Tourists and locals screamed and bounced around on the end of the bungy cord and as a part of a larger team we took the photographic images and video taped their experience.

We had a ball! The jumpers got a one off thrill for sure, but we got to laugh, carry on and joke all day, every day. When business was quiet we tried out new jumping styles and techniques ourselves and made our own funniest home videos of our antics.

On the job, we added Ritchie Benaud take-off type commentaries to the jumper’s videos, abseiled down the tower for lunch and held competitions on who could pull up the empty bungy cord after the jump the quickest. I seem to remember having time somewhere to conduct gym sessions of chin-ups, push-ups and dips, using the towers railing as bars.

But what about our images? Well, they were great! Each jump lasted about 5 seconds, during which time I’d take a standing prelude to the jump image, a remote shot from an overhead camera, a launching out into the air shot and two twisting and bouncing shots. All perfectly timed, framed, focused and exposed. No second chances here. While all this was happening, I chimed in with my own words to add to the video operators commentary.

Between jumpers, I reloaded film, (it was a while ago!) sent old film down to the kiosk, checked video sound settings, reloaded and coded video tape and communicated with the video mixing desk below in the kiosk.

Professional? You bet! We had fun, laughed, kept fit, enjoyed our time at work and made 100 sets per day of wonderful images, which people treasured.

I learnt a lot about professionalism and business 44 metres up a tower in the rainforest.

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